Yojigyeong Cat World 2020

Yojigyeong[1] Cat World is a workshop that shares warm emotions at this point when people's minds are exhausted by Corona. Participants create a warm cat world by drawing their own cats on the website. The first workshop was held between April 11 and 19, 2020, with a total of 79 cats drawn. I designed postcards with these cats, printed them in Risograph, and sent them to those who participated in the workshop.

Fields Graphic Design
Editorial Design
Web Development
Stack PHP, MYSQL Illustration Workshop Participants Postcard Printing Corners Year 2020

[1] Yojigyeong(a view master in Korean): It is based on the characteristics of view master, which shows everything in the world in a box, and expresses the meaning of the strange and complex human group.

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