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Body, time, space, city, community—these concepts that comprise the core agenda of contemporary art and critical thinking were born in modernity. Today, they are going through a radical metamorphosis through the rapid development of technology. The ecology of relationships where subjectivity had comfortably resided is destroyed and a new web of information is replacing the body and desire. The sense of time and space are fragmented and exchanged for flat information. Information functions as capital. While public spaces continue to sink deeply into the speed of the capital, what can art do?
  If art can play a role for the public space, perhaps it is to create a public arena where such discourses can actively and openly take place, inviting artists to suggest perspectives and agendas that help us to view the world through a sharper and more critical lens.
  ‹Virtual Station› reflects technology from the ruins of modernity. The festival peers into the trajectories of change triggered by technology and discovers seeds of new senses that leap beyond the obsolete myth.

— Virtual Station 2021

Organized by Near-future Spaceship Graphic Design Gang Moonsick Year 2021

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