Onsu Concert – Heart

Concert poster, goods design for the 'Heart', singer-songwriter Onsu.
  I worked the design work related to Onsu, a singer-song writer based in Seoul, to promote her music. I designed the identity and website of the record company Garangbi Records[1] where Onsu belong to. I also worked on posters, tickets, public relations design for the event concert, also album art and album design. The time to plan and create the concept of an artist while communicating with a musician was a valuable experience that I could never experience anywhere.
  This is Onsu’s first performance, ‘Heart’ planned by Garangbi Records. With the concept of matching the puzzle of life called music, as a musician, I put the image of Onsu who takes her music seriously.

Client Garangbi Records Fields Graphic Design
Product Design
Identity Design
Web Design
Web Development
Year 2018

[1] Garangbi Records was established by Ilseon, Onsu and Jungju in 2017. It closed the door in 2018, after a period of about a year of concert activities.

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