Onsu – A Thought

Music album Design for the singer-song writer Onsu.
  This is the design of Onsu’s album ‘A Thought’ and the design of digital single album art. I used the photos taken in Hokkaido, Japan, which included Onsu’s sensitivity and memory. Also I strove for getting the sense of unity between her music and design.
  I wanted to create the charm of the album as an object.
I designed an album in a size that suits the hands and made an unstandard package. At the same time, I made an album by printing on Rough gloss paper[1] in consideration of the feeling of the snowy plain in the photo and the touch of the album.

Client Onsu Fields Graphic Design
Product Design
Photograph Kim Sehee
Kim Haeun
Yang Haein
Distributed by Stereo Stribe
Genie Music
Year 2018

[1] Rough gloss is a paper that has been developed to show the gloss of the printed part while maintaining a natural surface.

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