Mioon : Moon – Being Public

At the request of the World Script Institute, I planned and designed ‘Being Public’ with media artist Mioon. We had announced this work, installed it at the 2016 World Script Symposia[1] in Ikseon-dong[2]. Being Public was started with two questions. The first was how people of today’s network era understand and define themselves. The second was how an individual understands and defines others. Participants in this task began to recognize other people’s identities through statistical results, comparing their own identities to those defined by others.
  The back of the poster is a map of the Ikseon-dong. Participants of ‘Being Public’ should visit six spots in the alley and answer questions with stamps. They should answer with 30 stamps to complete the map, and they will be aware of who they and others are through the process of verifying each other’s answers.

The following are the ways to implement ‘Being Public’.
  1. Visit six spots, including the starting spots
  2. Press the stamp to the five questions prepared at each spot
  3. After all the answers, bring the map back to the starting spot, take a picture and post it on the SNS

The categories of questions were as follows. Because each category included five questions, participants had a total of 30 answers to make a map.
  1. Personal
  2. Ikseon-dong
  3. World Script Symposia
  4. Social structure and politics
  5. Personal propensity I
  6. personal propensity II

Client World Script Institute
Fields Graphic Design Year 2016

[1] The World Script Symposia is a cultural and artistic event held from the World Script Institute, to share with the public the meaning and diversity of character.

[2] Ikseon-dong is located in Jongno-ku, Seoul, and it is an area where many young people are visiting because of the unique appearance
of traditional buildings and harmony of culture and art.

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