Good Form

Good Form was a exhibition about Ulm School of Design and Braun AG at Museum of Seoul National University of Science and Technology. This exhibition was held in line with the movement to re-evaluate the Bauhaus to mark the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Bauhaus school in Korea’s art&culture community.
  The title of the event ‘Good Form’ means that technically perfect for the purpose of use and has no problem for aesthetic use. I participated in the task, and expressed the significance of the industry-academia cooperation between Ulm School of Art and Brown AG in the exhibition design.
  The main graphic of the exhibition design came from Apple’s case of designing an Ipod inspired by Braun’s T3 radio. I designed two main posters based on the theme, ‘Good form that has been carried beyond the age’. At the exhibition site, two products were arranged side by side, doubling the meaning of design’s concept.

Client SEOULTECH Museum of Art Field Graphic Design
Editorial Design
Exhibition Design Exhibition Planning Team Year 2019

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