Since the birth of the internet and the rise in online culture, GIFs and memes were created to bring a sense of levity and humour to everyday life situations along with embodying the feelings of social and political movements across the world.
  GIFs and memes provide a quick and easy way for us to connect, and their accessibility allows us to autonomously interact with each other unencumbered by the limitations of distance, linguistics, or cultural barriers -- serving as a common language amongst netizens. With the birth of websites such as eBaum’s World and 4chan to Twitter and Reddit, internet memes have become part of mainstream internet culture and have helped to serve communities on and offline.
  This accessibility has aided us to stay sane and engaged amidst a global pandemic, and protestors fighting for social and political movements such as anti-racism and anti-police brutality in the US and the Hong Kong and Myanmar protests, have effectively utilized this access to garner international attention.
  Before internet memes, came another new visual language found through the GIF. GIFS were the precursor to internet memes as they began as static images but have since evolved to looped animations. With the ability to convey more through a moving image, the animated GIF was able to crossover with both cultural and aesthetic appeal expanding upon a universal digital vernacular.
  The purpose of this exhibition is to spotlight the original work of artists who are using GIFs and memes to explore and push the boundaries of these formats.

— Crazy Multiply

Curating Crazy Multiply Fields Graphic Design
Web Development
Stack Three.js Year 2021

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