Mayfly is a one day exhibition in an alternative space located in Seoul and possessing gallery lighting. Most cultural and artistic institutions are discovering artists through a variety of public offerings, and artists are taking the first step as a professional, recognized through such public offerings. However, some artists have many obstacles such as age, work experience, and educational background. Mayfly gives every artist an opportunity to exhibit who reveals his intention to participate in the exhibition and sends photos of his work. In order to create a network of artists who are more experimental and fresh than ‘Rising Artist’ talked in the institutional sphere.
  Mayfly 19 was planned under the concept of BYOB(Bring Your Own Beamer). Artists could bring their own projectors to show their work in various places in the exhibition space. The exhibition created a space full of freely moving images.
  I participated in the exhibition by showing a web named BYOP(Bring Your Own Picture)that archives the viewpoint of visitors to the exhibition. I tried to try out a sketch of research theme, ‘Web Archive, formed by user participation’, on the BYOB exhibition site.

Fields Web Design
Web Development
Stack NodeJs
Year 2019

Recent Work