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The exhibition was developed as part of Culture Station Seoul 284’s regional research/exhibition initiative; an initiative that has previously included DMZ (2019) and Gaeseong Industrial Complex (2018). The Gyeongui train line from Seoul Station would have stopped at Gaeseong, Pyongyang, Sinuiju, Dandong, and Beijing via the Dorasan Station in Paju, and it therefore feels like a natural step that Sinuiju and Dandong have been highlighted following the two preceding projects.
  (···) Following the traces of border-crossing here is like hearing a faint radio signal, which becomes strong and clear when in the presence of these twin cities, and which then fades into faint noise upon leaving. It has been this way for a long time. Amid the confusion of the signal and noise, we observe that the value of ‘prosperity together’ has eventually been written off as a one-off event in history, and that dreaming beyond the border still proves to be difficult. However, the messages of connection and togetherness are still alive. Therefore, we wanted to examine the implications of Sinuiju and Dandong, cities which developed side by side for a long time, from various perspectives, and in doing so to find the possibilities and meanings of crossing the boundary through boundless artistic imagination. We must cross the bridge of irony and cynicism, in the face of any risk.

— Park Seongtae, Art Director

Organized by Korea Craft&Design Foundation
Culture Station Seoul 284
Directed by Junglim Foundation Art Director Park Seongtae Curator Kim Bo-hyun Invited Curator Kim Seonghee Assistant Curator Lee Junyoung
Choi Goeun
Researcher Ahn Changmo Design Gang Moonsick Translation Yes More Translation Exhibition Construction A&DESIGN Year 2021

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