Onsu – Umbrella

This is the design of a digital single album named ‘Umbrella’ which was released in August 2019. It is a song that raises the question about the fact that we have to use an umbrella if it rains. I used the pencil drawing expressing the daily life of Onsu, to the design.
  At a release event held by a sound source distributor, we presented a bag with album art printed as a prize drawing. It was made by silk screen printing at Mini Print Studio[1]. I felt again the meaning and pleasure of working with musicians.

Client Onsu
Can Entertainment
Fields Illustration
Product Design
Silk Screen Pringintg Mini Print Year 2019

[1] Mini Print Studio is a Silk screen print studio run by Samanta Blumenfield and Albert Che. It offer a variety of services, including collaboration with artists and art events.

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